Bob's Nutshell HTML Primer

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Disclaimer: These pages were written in about 2000, and some of the things in the advanced section have since evolved. Some of what I say there may be obsolete. But it may still be useful for the beginner.

This primer is for the person who has no patience or time, and just wants to get a small basic quick website up on the web, with no more than basic text, headings, lists, pictures and links to other pages (or remote site pages).

Additional options such as Tables, Frames, Sound, Javascript, Forms, Cascading style sheets, Pre-loading, Flash, Behaviors, Slide-shows and other stuff will be covered or at least talked about on additional separate pages in the advanced section.

This is the site I wish I could have found when I first approached HTML, and wanted to get somthing useful up on the web quick and easy!

  1. General info on how it all works and fits together.
  2. Basic Text Tags.
  3. Including a Graphic.
  4. Hyperlinks.

And for more advanced users :

Note:  This site is optimized for Microsoft IE4 and later.

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