Adding a Graphic :

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Here's the tag syntax:

<img src="name of graphics folder if it exists/image filename AND extention" alt="text to be displayed if for any reason the image cannot be displayed" height=X width=Y>

Here's an actual example:

<:img src="graphics/bob.jpg" height=288 width=407 alt="Bob rafting the Rogue River">

The graphic file Bob.jpg is in a folder called 'graphics'. The height, width and "alt" are optional. The inclusion of the height and width (in pixels) will cause the picture to load faster by preventing the browser from needing to do calculations to determine how the page layout will need to be, which it can't do until the picture is done loading. The "alt" is text that will exist where the picture would be, in the event that for any reason the picture can't load (such as browser incompatibility).

The above can be placed inside of the following tags to position the image on the page. Different browsers decode this part differently, so be sure to try your page on a variety of browsers to be safe.

<right, center or left>The above</right, center or left>

Considerably more advanced techniques are required in order to position an image any other way (see tables or Cascading Style Sheets - layers claim to, but browsers haven't settled on how to position layers)