E-mail boxes

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The following statement needs to be included on the HTML page:

<a href="mailto:Your e-mail address"><img src="graphics folder name/specific graphic symbol.gif (for ex.)" width="xx" height="yy" align="middle (for ex.)"></a>


The part in green can be replaced with a sentence such as "click here to e-mail". As shown it puts a graphic symbol in place of the words.

Shown below is the actual e-mail box statement I used on my main index page (scroll down on that page to see it). The graphic image I used for a symbol in stored in a folder called graphics.


<a href="mailto:Rob369@home.com"><img src="graphics/ltemail.gif" width="128" height="27" align="middle"></a>

This can also be seen by going to the main index page, and clicking on view>source in the menu bar at the top of the page. This will show the HTML behind the page being looked at.