Robert B. Richards

Electronic Engineering Technician

Portland, Oregon

(503) 452-8261




2001 - Present    Personal Projects and Schooling

After my third layoff from the electronics industry, and seeing so many jobs in that industry moving offshore, I decided to take time off to explore other career possibilities at PCC. I took many different classes such as Microsoft Office, Business Law, Psychology, Writing, Website Development. I explored the possibility of opening my own small business offering high-end stereo preamps, processors and speaker systems of my own design that I'm very proud of (see my website). I eventually realized that competing with China is economically impossible. Now I'm interested in learning Video Editing, and updating my education on Website Design. I recently bought Cyberlink Power Director 16 video editing software and am looking for projects to learn it by. Audio electronic engineering has always been a very fun hobby of mine, but today's world is all about videos and websites.

6-96 - 9-01     Hewlett-Packard - Verifone Division - Electronic Technician

Troubleshot and repaired VISA card terminals and receipt printers. Both have microcomputers in them. The printers were substantially electro-mechanical. Some SMD technology was involved.

1-90 - 2-93      Sensoray Co., Inc. - Senior Technician

Handled all duties associated with production and calibration of a half dozen board level Z-80 based microcomputer controlled temperature sensing products. They involved analog to digital convertors and thermocouple probes. The company had six employees at the time. Precision calibration techniques were involved. I did part-buying and board assembly coordination as well. Click here for letter of recommendation.

2-88 - 2-90      Tektronix, Inc. - Electronic Technician

Troubleshot and calibrated RF Video Demodulators and Spectrum Analyzer products in a production environment.

3-85 - 2-88      Dolby Labs, Inc. - Engineering Assistant.

Worked with several Engineers to develop future generation Surround Sound ("Pro-Logic") for the home Video-Theater, and Movie Industry. I also did design and construction of custom equipment for the in-house "Listening Rooms" under the direction of Senior Engineer Ken Gundry. I also helped design and build the production test fixture for the Dolby SR noise reduction unit (the Rolls-Royce of analog noise reduction). I also wrote user manuals and factory calibration procedures.
Click here for performance review.

6-84 - 3-85       McCune Audio Visual - Electronic Technician.

Worked on a wide range of audio and video equipment. Also did service work and equipment operation in the field, which I very much enjoyed.

6-83 - 6-84     TOA Electronics, Inc. - Senior Electronic Technician

I was the main phone contact for TOA audio equipment dealers throughout the United States, offering service support and advice for specific user situations. I effectively managed the "Homebase" service department, with three electronic service techs under me.

11-79 - 6-83      Tektronix, Inc. - Digital/Analog Video Engineering Assistant

Worked very closely with one of the best digital video signal processing engineers (Bruce Penney) on a variety of cutting-edge projects including a Digital Test Signal Generator, several NBS tracable test fixtures, and a Digital Video Frame Synchronizer which had our own design state-of-the-art A>D and D>A circuits with custom made Tekronix IC's. It was called the "worlds best" by the head guy at ABC who after checking it out ordered 79 of them for the 1983 Olympics.
Performance review here.

6-78 - 11-79      Tektronix, Inc. - Electronic Technician

Troubleshot and calibrated 400 series 250mHZ oscilloscopes.



Windows XP and Windows 7, Word, Excel, Outlook, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, SPICE, etc.


Associate of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from LCC in Eugene, Oregon, 1978

and many other classes and seminars on analog engineering, digital troubleshooting, writing, business, law and psychology.


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